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Hard to find Items
 Astrolabes Astro-Globes
  Astr1906 Astro-Globe
  Astr1922 6in Astrolabe
  Astr1924 5in Astrolabe
  Astr1925 6in Astrolabe
  Astr1926 10in Astrolabe
  Astr1928 8in Astrolabe
Our Brass Astrolabes are New Reproductions of Antiques
Some are shiny brass and others are antiqued brass. All are solid brass.
We make no guarantees, but hope they give you lots of information.
As like any reproduction, they may have minor defects, like small scratches, might need a little polishing, as makers of reproductions are ask to make the item look as close as they can to the antique, they were copied from.
We get many thank you notes and repeat orders, about the only complaint is they are not in english.
I have never seen one in english and do not know if there was english BC.
There a lot more information on the web.
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