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7 in Brass Working Theodolite, Box, and tripod
This is a extra nice working model New Reproduction, quality enameled brass theodolite with hardwood box and metal tripod crafted in the style of a century ago.
This theodolite is far superior to most you will see offered. The manufacturer says it is fully functional. An extremely detailed, intricate item, this fine antique style theodolite features liquid air bubble levels (one with a mirror for ease of leveling); a fine sighting telescope; 4 integrated magnifying lenses positioned over angle markings for exact positioning; a centrally integrated compass; and three height-adjustable legs, also for leveling.
The telescope also has a brass lens cover, and the entire theodolite has numerous knobs and screws for minute adjustments.
Please don't confuse this one with the light weight ones. This one weighs 24+ lb. in box, not including the tripod. Extremely attractive, this amazing item would make an impressive addition to any antique scientific instrument or surveying collection, or a remarkable conversation piece in a den or office. Just imagine what the surveyors of a century ago did using a tool just like this one.
This item is so detailed, it is hard to describe; please see the many pictures below. The theodolite box is heavy solid wood ( dovetail construction ), with heavy strap to carry over the shoulder. This heavy theodolite would make a superb gift, or addition to the distinguished brass instrument collection.
The tripod is not in a box ( normally carried over the shoulder). Strap included, Also Tripod has level on top.
This item measures approximately 62 inches high with legs extended to max., The tripod is 38 in collapsed or 59 extended to max., the theodolite is 13 1/4 in high with 8 in telescope inches high, and 6 inches wide.
The box is 16 x 9 x 7 in. Tripod is 36 x 6 x 6.
If you want 100% perfection, spend the big bucks for a modern machine made instrument, Could this be used?, yes, may need calibration, and use it. I have sold many of these when available, and some to several countries with several repeat orders from owners of shops.
The shipping you will see is an estimate, after you buy wait for me to send invoice with exact amount, this should save you some. The price you see should be the maximum.
International customers please email your country, postal code, and city for an exact amount. It is too large for a few countries.
There is plumb bob and some accessories, shown on top of box..
The last picture took me some time to get the the picture thru the telescope, The mountain is 4 to 6 miles away, and you can see the tree in the inset picture.
Is it as accurate as the modern expensive ones?, No. Can it be used ? Yes we have sold many that are in use in several countries.
Is it the best of the reproductions? Yes.
This one even comes with accessories kit.
The nice enamel keep it from tarnishing and reflecting light.

Last Theodolite, Big Price Drop
Time to retire after over 55 years in business. We have received many emails over the years of our customers using these every day on their jobs in many countries.

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This is a New reproduction item made for us by coping an antique. Reproductions are never perfect but are hand made to look as close to the original antique as the maker can. They are not made with modern machinery like most items, they are made to look like the antique, may even have minor scratches, rub marks, or other blemishes.
Do not expect perfection. We receive very few complaints. We have 30 years  reproductions experience. There is no paperwork with these but lots of information available on the internet. We suggest making several searches at different times as you will find different information, and try different searches,  Google, Bing, and many others. You will find free information. I tried making up lists to send buyers, but the information changes too often. We pay extra for our items to have them made to what is known as Working or Functional, this means the item may need so adjusting, and calibration on items like compasses, and sextants. Hope this helps, and last note is, Never buy a reproduction unless you like the look and workmanship of years gone by, before power tools, electricity, computers, tv's, radio, and even the internet.