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 Hawaii Condo at waters edge
For Sale or Rent Info Below
 Hawaii Condo at waters edge
For Sale or Rent Info Below
After 60 years in Business We need Out
Over the years when we bought Merchandise, Estates, or a Store, we tried to put some in Clean Dry Storage for later,  It is now LATER.

I just closed out the old Canyon Gold website as it was too outdated but here is a suggestion to see many of our items on eBay.

Click this link or copy it and paste it in your browser to see our store on eBay.

Our eBay Store page will have Categories for our Items Only, Saves Time.we try to keep between 250 to 500 items listed on eBay. Almost all will be 1 of a kind, we try to add more as fast as they sell. Our eBay name is TedAmr

We will also be listing For Sale or Short Term Rent a 1 Br 1 Ba Condo on the island of Hawaii in Hi. One of the top 1 Bedroom rented units in in Hi. On the Water ( about 170 degree view ). If interested now in Renting please visit and look for HKK ( Hale Kona Kai ) Unit 302. It is rented months in advance, so plan early. Will add Pictures soon.

To Contact us

A few of the type items you will see on eBay,
30% to 80% below our Normal Sale Price when we had a store

We have many boxes to unpack and find out what is inside.
Most made or Purchased 25 to 45 years ago, and put in clean Dry Storage, never sold or used
Various Types of Jewelry
Rough and Cab Turquoise From Many Mines and Natural ( like most stones were years ago.
Some Jewelry I made, and some we bought.

 Brass Astrolabes,Sextants, Genie Alladin Lamps.
Pictures, some Original and some prints

A few antiques, like a Masthead lantern about 150 years old, and nice amount of Collector items in the $25 to $2000 range

Plus what we find as we unpack more boxes.
I will try to get time to get some Pictures and information on this site.

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One of the TOP RENTING 1 Br. Condos
Kona, Hawaii ( BIG ISLAND )
I tell people you can sit outside
and look down on the water

Have questions?